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The Finnish Association for Rubber Technology was founded in 1980 and has approximately 100 members.The Association is a forum for people working within the rubber industry, with rubber raw-materials and rubber goods or for those just interested in developments in the rubber field. The purpose of the Association is to propagate and develop the rubber science, technology and industrial innovations as well as to gather together rubber people at all levels for educational and social occasions. The purpose is also to create active contacts and dialogue between the rubber professionals both in Finland and abroad. Every year the association organizes a one to two days long ”Rubber Course” for training both members and non-members in rubber technology. In conjunction with ordinary meetings, held bi-anually, lectures on interesting rubber topics are given by the best rubber specialists from Finland and abroad.

The Finnish Association is affiliated to International and Nordic associations in the rubber field. In previous years the Association has very successfully organized Nordic as well as International Rubber Conferences. Recent examples are NRC 1996, IRC 2000, NRC 2004 and 2010 and Rubbercon 2016.

Joonas Pekkonen

Mira Juutilainen